About Jeffrey Cox


Jeffrey Cox has a passion for real estate that developed the moment he stepped foot in the industry. Selling his first house at 18 years of age, he immediately demonstrated the unique and innate ability to sell homes quickly and assist in the purchase of any real estate investment. Since then, Cox has worked tirelessly to develop a strong reputation for putting clients’ best interests and needs at the forefront of his business model. 

Jeffrey has made it his duty to know everything there is to know about the real estate market in the beautiful city of Calgary. Extensive knowledge and a thorough understanding has been a large factor in the success of his business. It has enabled his clients to feel at ease throughout the process and develop a greater understanding for investing in real estate. His goal with every transaction is to relieve as much stress from the client as possible as he understands that buying or selling a home can be a tiring process, especially for those that have not went through it before.

Let Jeffrey guide you every step of the way and allow yourself to experience just how simple buying and selling can be!